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Dear Reader,

If the fact you’re visiting this website is any indication, this is not the first – nor will it be the last – website for a property investment company you will visit. Quite frankly, it is highly likely that your education and income set you apart from the general population and therefore make you a prime target for people trying to sell you anything investment related.

If you engage the services of Integrity Property Investor Services as your investment properties researcher and supplier, you won’t get rich quick. You won’t bowl over friends and associates with a miraculous over-night transformation into being a multi-millionaire. But your confidence in your investment property selections will be significantly enhanced by knowledge of just how much research and due diligence has been done by us for you on your behalf. Massive results in quick time are a gift that no one investment property or expert can provide, and if someone tries to promise you such… run the other way…fast!

What then, can Integrity Property Investor Services do for you? The answer depends on what type of person you happen to be. If you are not curious about what’s going on outside of your own immediate postcode…if you are not the sort of person who takes interest when the topic of conversation shifts from random small talk to the effect of major infrastructure projects on property prices…if you couldn’t care less about what’s happening in other property markets around the country…then forget us. We can’t do a thing for you.

If on the other hand, you are the kind of individual who would like to keep up with where the latest and next property investment opportunities are – but cannot spend hours at it…if you’re genuinely interested in what markets are moving in other parts of the country and what investment opportunities lie there…if you recognize the big stake you have in deciding your own financial future… Then partnering up with Integrity Property Investor Services may well be the smartest investment decision you could make for a while.

For no fee to you the investor, your interest in property investment markets and opportunities will be served by your own personal property investment consultant who is backed by a dedicated professional research team, and supported by a full team of property investment savvy partnered professionals including a mortgage broker, conveyancing solicitors, building inspectors, property managers, insurance broker, and financial planner.

You’ll get to see the research behind each investment opportunity. The product of many hours of investigative research done by our in-house research team. The facts. No bias. No slanting. We respect your right to form your own opinion of an opportunity. You’ll be kept abreast of events around the country that affect the many different property markets and the emerging investment opportunities through our regular investor briefing products and through contact with your fully trained personal consultant whose job is to serve you, not just sell you something.

You’ll also keep on top of the latest developments in government policies and decisions as they relate to property investing, you’ll learn the facts – in plain English. Contact us now to start our relationship and you’ll be briefed on the happenings of the property market as we see it today and in the future, and what opportunities we believe represent good potential and are the best fit for you and your personal situation.

Our office hours are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. You can call our service hotline 1300 372 677 and leave a message, or email and your new Personal Property Investment Consultant will call you back in the morning.

Founder, CEO

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PH: 1300 372 677